Welcome to the Journey of “A.R.F.” – Actively Resisting Fate


“A.R.F.” invites you into a poignant 3D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure, where you embark on a remarkable journey as a resilient canine hero. Lost and striving to find the way back home, you’ll navigate through changing worlds from the dark, rainy cityscapes to mysterious wilderness, experiencing a story of resilience, bonds, and survival.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Puzzle Solving: Engage in intuitive puzzles that utilize your canine abilities, like manipulating objects and stealth movement, to navigate your environment.
  • Emotional Journey: Experience an emotionally charged narrative, where love, joy, and tragedy unfold through flashbacks and interactive story beats, all without spoken words.
  • Dynamic Environments: Traverse through diverse environments, each presenting new challenges and story elements, reflecting the emotional growth of our four-legged protagonist.
  • Learn and Grow: Unlock new abilities as your journey progresses, enhancing your way of interacting with the world and overcoming obstacles.

Community Involvement

Your feedback matters! As “A.R.F.” is still in the heart of pre-development, join our community to provide valuable insights and suggestions. Engage with us through:

  • Beta Testing Sign-ups: Be the first to experience the journey and help shape the final adventure.
  • Development Diaries: Follow our weekly updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of “A.R.F.”

Be Part of “A.R.F.”‘s Journey

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Your journey with “A.R.F.” is more than a game; it’s an exploration of life’s resilience and the unbreakable bonds that guide us home. Join us as we actively resist fate, one paw at a time.

Join the Beta Testing Team for “ARF”

Be Part of the Adventure Before Anyone Else

We’re on the lookout for compassionate adventurers ready to embark on a poignant journey with our 3D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure, “A.R.F.” If you have a soft spot for emotionally driven narratives, a love for animals, and enjoy unraveling puzzles while exploring vibrant worlds, your insights could be invaluable in refining and perfecting this heartwarming experience.

What’s in It for You?

  • Early access to “A.R.F.” before its official release.
  • A unique opportunity to shape the game with your feedback.
  • Special recognition within the game credits for your invaluable contribution.

How to Apply? Simply fill out the form below with your name, email, and a brief message on why you’re interested in beta testing “A.R.F.” Share with us any previous experience in beta testing or why this game sparks your interest.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of “A.R.F.”‘s journey to launch. We’re keen to hear your feedback and include you in this emotional adventure. Apply now, and let’s make “A.R.F.” a memorable journey together.

What is “A.R.F.” about?2024-02-29T16:12:06-06:00

“A.R.F.” is a 3D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure game that follows the emotional journey of a lost dog trying to find its way back home. Players will navigate through various environments, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles, all while experiencing a story of resilience and the deep bond between humans and animals.

When will “A.R.F.” be released?2024-02-29T16:12:06-06:00

The development of “A.R.F.” is scheduled to start at the end of 2024, following the release of “The Hallway.” The release date will depend on the progression of development, but we are committed to providing updates as we move forward.

On which platforms will “A.R.F.” be available?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

Initially, “A.R.F.” is being developed for PC with potential expansion to consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation, based on development progress and player interest.

How long is the gameplay for “A.R.F.”?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

As “A.R.F.” is still in pre-development, the exact gameplay length is yet to be determined. Our goal is to create a fulfilling experience that balances puzzle-solving, exploration, and narrative.

Can I participate in the beta testing of “A.R.F.”?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

Yes! We’re looking for players who are interested in being part of the beta testing phase. More information on how to apply will be shared as we get closer to development.

Will there be any DLC or expansions for “A.R.F.”?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

“A.R.F.” is designed as a complete single-game experience with a specific story. However, we intend to unlock a new mode for a second playthrough, adding additional replay value.

What makes “A.R.F.” unique?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

“A.R.F.” stands out with its emotionally driven narrative, explored through the eyes of a dog. The game combines puzzle-solving, environmental exploration, and a unique story without reliance on dialogue, offering a fresh perspective on the puzzle-adventure genre.

How can I stay updated on “A.R.F.s” development progress?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter, following our development blog, and keeping an eye on our social media channels. We’ll be sharing regular updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and more.

Will “A.R.F.” feature voice acting or spoken dialogue?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

The narrative of “A.R.F.” is designed to be emotionally impactful without relying on spoken dialogue. The story unfolds through the dog’s interactions with the environment and other characters, using visual and audio cues to convey the emotional journey.

How can I support the development of “A.R.F.”?2024-02-29T16:12:05-06:00

Your support through following our development updates, sharing feedback, and spreading the word about “A.R.F.” is invaluable. Additionally, consider supporting us on Patreon for exclusive updates and insights into the development process.